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Senior projects no longer need to be done alone.  If you are interested in the Natural Sciences, you can discover themes and subjects of interest with experts. This offer has been available since 2003 from the Academy of Natural Sciences(SCNAT).   www.maturitywork.ch

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AP Exams in Switzerland (Typically required for study in USA)

It is quite possible to take these exams in Switzerland. Where depends on the exam that you want to take and which schools are offering it.


The first place to check is the AP Ledger. But there are caveats to this information. Different schools offer different tests depending on the needs of the year by their students - I think they tend to keep being listed if they have kept up their Audit for that course.

So you would need to call the school to find out if they are offering that particular exam the following spring.

It seems that I have also found some other places in the past by calling other international schools but didn't end up using them as I found more reliable places. For example, the International School in GE offered a place but they don't normally do this testing any more since they are focused on the IB. I ended up thinking it would be better to travel farther to have a more standardized setting.

At one point I was thinking of having dc return to the US to take the tests but found this not so easy...First, if you want to take an AP exam that not many are taking (eg German), then you might have trouble finding a school that offers them in the US.


You can already get an idea at the beginning of the school year. But you should definitely have made plans by January or February. Some schools are more finicky than others about earliness of application. For example, the College du Leman has an early deadline. The Zurich International School is a bit more flexible.


College du Leman is more expensive than Zurich. But Neuchatel Junior College is cheaper, though offers fewer subjects (or at least did when we were applying). You are looking at about 120 - 180 CHF per test.


There are certain honors given for taking a certain number of exams with passing grades - eg AP International Diploma and other Scholar Awards



These tests can also be taken in Switzerland and are easier to sign up for than for AP's and PSAT's.

Simply go on the College Board website and choose International Testing....then country, etc.

For the SAT II or Subject tests, you should note that it is very cheap to take the 2nd and 3rd exam on the same day. They each last an hour so you can do up to two more with only an additional charge of about $10.

Be aware for Listening Foreign language tests that they are only offered at certain times of the year.