Welcome to the Home School Association of Switzerland

People who can afford private education for their children are a minority. Many families, however, find it possible to teach their children at home. This can be done economically in their own living room. at the kitchen table, in a spare office or in a special room designated as their own learning center. Home education is the private school alternative that's possible for everyone. The teachers are Mom and Dad, who lead their children to discover the love of learning, the world around them and all that is needed for life using educational materials that they choose themselves.

New color brochures

Two new brochures have been printed in German.  French and English translations will come in time.  The brochures present home education and provide many reasons why this choice is a good one.  Special requirements, learning tempo and methods are also discussed.

Die Welt ist mein Klassenzimmer [8 MB]

Freedom in education and parental rights.  Building families is not a job of the state. It happens because of the free choice of citizens to join together and raise children.  Nevertheless, the State engages increasingly for the sake of children and for the sake of business so that parents do not need to take responsibility to teach and train their children.  Raising children is not the job of the state.  The state cannot care and love like parents can.

Privatunterricht und Bildungsfreiheit [3 MB]

The brochures can be ordered from us for a small fee.

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